HDMI Splitter – The Latest in Audio & Video Connectors

Today, it is common for households to have more than one HDTV.  However, HDMI sources only have one HDMI output. If you want to enjoy HDMI content in different rooms simultaneously without moving the HDMI source, you need to buy an HDMI Auto switch splitter.

HDMI splitters are relatively new devices on the market and many people might have less knowledge about them. If you are looking to add an HDMI splitter in your home setup, having basic knowledge about these devices will help you select best HDMI splitter in your budget.

About HDMI splitters

As mentioned above HDMI splitters are capable of splitting original signals that it is connected to and route the signal to multiple digital displays.  The visual content that appears on multiple displays is identical and not controlled by HDMI splitter.

Before purchasing an HDMI splitter, you need to ensure the HDMI splitter is capable of providing the amount of data necessary for optimal functioning of the device. Here is the list of features that should be part of the best HDMI splitter you purchase for the home theater setup.

Features to look for in HDMI splitter

The features in HDMI splitters vary from product to product. Some of the common features that you need to look for are as follows

Type of HDMI Splitter makes the difference

There are different types of HDMI splitters including cable and box splitters. The HDMI splitters available in cable form generally split the HDMI connection into two. If you are looking to buy an HDMI splitter with more ports, you have the option of buying a box type HDMI splitter.

The box type HDMI splitter has its own circuit that ensures the quality of the HDMI signal is maintained when it is distributed through its ports. These types of HDMI splitters need external power to function efficiently.


The HDMI splitter has one HDMI input and multiple HDMI outputs. There are various HDMI auto switch splitter configurations available such as 1×2(1 HDMI input and 2 HDMI outputs), 1×4, 1×6, and 1×8. You need to buy an HDMI splitter with some additional HDMI outputs.

This will ensure you will not run out of ports in near future and you will be able to connect the new digital displays that you may buy in the future.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate shows how fast the video from the source is transmitted.  The HDMI splitter should be able to support the transmission of high frequencies (60Hz or above) which will ensure the HD picture distributed to different displays is smooth.

Resolution and EDID Management

The video resolution differs with each HDMI source and displays. The HDMI source cannot always match the digital display’s resolution capabilities or vice-versa. The best HDMI splitters in the market support EDID management that allows the display and the HDMI source to communicate and select the best compatible resolution for transmission.

Without EDID management feature in your HDMI splitter, the HDMI display and source would not be able to communicate that would result in lower resolution video feed sent to the display. This would prevent you from viewing optimal quality picture that your HDTV is capable of supporting.

HDCP Bypass

HDCP is a cost-effective protection method to prevent copying and viewing of copyrighted content on unauthorized devices. Today, all leading broadcasters and entertainment companies use HDCP and you would not be able to watch the content in HD format if the HDMI splitter does not support HDCP bypass.

HDMI splitters that have HDCP bypass would be able to transmit HDCP protected content between HDMI devices and HDTV without reducing the resolution. It means you will be able to watch any HDCP content that you have paid for at optimal resolution that is supported by the HDMI source and digital display.

HDMI is the new buzzword in the world of HD transmission. Today HDMI has become a de-facto standard to connect HD devices to high-definition displays. The HDMI auto switch splitter comes to your rescue when you want to enjoy HDMI content in different rooms without carrying HDMI sources around.

Did we miss any feature that should be part of best HDMI splitter? Please feel free to comment.